Privacy Policy

Privacy policy.

Anyone can visit our website without providing any personal information. No information are collected that can be linked to individuals.
We only collect information to be able to better understand our websites navigation.
When a tour is booked on our website, we ask for name, phone number, email and nationality.
These information are necessary to be able to contact the customer in case of changes or update of the services we provide.
We regard these information as confidential and will never share them to a third party. and uses cookies. By continuing you agree our cookie policy. “Cookie policy

Cookie policy.

Snekkjan ehf, uses cookies to help us providing better service for our customers.

Cookies are small files that might be put on your computer’s browser to remember user preferences and recommend relevant content. The cookie enables the website to recognize your computer’s general location and how user arrives to the website. Pages visited, purchases, choose of languages etc.. This is for the use of market analysis to help us provide better information on our website.

It is always possible to change the cookie setup in your computer in settings.

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