April 2020

Covid 19 situation on April 24th. in Iceland

The situation in Covid 19 pandemic in Iceland is becoming controllable. Deaths until today are 10 and every day now about 4-6 are tested infected with the virus. The number of infected is declining and on May 4th. restrictions of total amount of people in the same room will be lifted from 20 to 50. Higher education schools are open again, but kindergarten and secondary… Read More »Covid 19 situation on April 24th. in Iceland

Snekkjan Harpa í gömlu höfninni

The first summer day in Iceland

Today on April 23rd. we have “The first summer day” according to our calendar. This day marks the first day of summer which lasts until “the first Saturday after the 26th. week of summer” which happens this year to be October 24th. Even though we officially have summer now, it does not look like summer in every part of Iceland. In the north there are… Read More »The first summer day in Iceland

Reykjavik Old Harbour, M/Y HARPA

No Tourists

It is a strange feeling experiencing Reykjavik centrum as 20 years ago, i.e. no tourists. Since late March when the last tourists left, we are back to the old times when we hardly had any tourists in Iceland. We have a few in Iceland, that complained that we had too many tourists in Iceland, complaining about the restaurants being too crowded and they did not get… Read More »No Tourists