February 2021

The first whale watching tour from Reykjavik in 2021

24th. of February is the first day we or anybody else go on a whale watching tour from Reykjavik. On board we had a nice couple from Germany who allowed us to use their photo in this blog. Beautiful day with sunshine, a great view to Snæfellsnes peninsula, Reykjanes peninsula, the mountains Esja, Akrafjall and Skarðsheiði. We enjoyed the tour and look forward to the… Read More »The first whale watching tour from Reykjavik in 2021

Harpa Yachts

Covid restrictions eased

As from tomorrow most Covid restrictions will be lifted and live in Iceland almost back to normal. Everything that was partly closed is now open, theaters, cinemas, bars, restaurants, gyms, museums, etc. We still wear masks in public places and hold social distances one meter but other than that we can say that everyday life is falling back to normal for most people. Covid 19… Read More »Covid restrictions eased

Iceland is green

With only 1,9 infections per 100.000 inhabitants the last two weeks, Iceland is now the only country in Europe categorized as green by Ecdc, European centre for disease for prevention and control. The daily life in Iceland is almost back to normal, with only few restrictions still. Bars and restaurants are closed at 22.00, with only 20 persons in one room at a time. Limitations… Read More »Iceland is green

The whales in our tours.

In our whale watching tours we can expect to see several types of whales, even though we can never guarantee it. First to mention the biggest  one, humpback whales, can reach up to 17 meters and 40 tons. Minke whales can reach up to 10 meters and weigh up to 10 tons. Both of these whales are baleen whales. The smaller ones are white beaked… Read More »The whales in our tours.