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No Tourists

Reykjavik Old Harbour, M/Y HARPA

It is a strange feeling experiencing Reykjavik centrum as 20 years ago, i.e. no tourists. Since late March when the last tourists left, we are back to the old times when we hardly had any tourists in Iceland. We have a few in Iceland, that complained that we had too many tourists in Iceland, complaining about the restaurants being too crowded and they did not get a seat. Well now these narrow minded people, some politicians included, have their dream situation, i.e. no tourists. But there is one big problem, all these fine restaurants are closed simply because there are no tourists coming.So do we want to go back to the times where we had just a couple of restaurants and no tourists or do we want a great variety of good restaurants, a lot of tourists which clearly is a spice to our daily lives.My answer is obvious, we want our tourists back.