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evening cruise

Harbor Cruise & Three Course Dinner

Enjoy the unique New Year's Eve Firework Cruise and maybe a glimp of the northern lights if we are lucky. The fireworks on New Year's Eve in Reykjavik are a spectacular sight, when each and every family put on their own firework show. Now you can view the fireworks from the ocean with a great view to the city.

Northern Lights Yacht Cruise

On this approximately 1,5-2.5 hour tour we encounter many other interesting sights. We cruise along the beautiful coastline and enjoy the city lights from a different view! When particles from the sun hit earth’s atmosphere it creates a bright light with colors fluctuating in hues of green to red to sometimes purple. While our main goal in this tour is to see the Northern Lights we can enjoy the clean ocean breeze and gaze at the starry night sky while we wait.
Winter 2,5 hours 22:00
14.900 ISK 11.900 ISK

Private Northern Lights Luxury Yacht Cruise

Enjoy the glorious aurora light show of the northern hemisphere privately from a yacht cruising along the skyline of Reykjavik city. Docking from Old Reykjavik harbor, we cruise along the beautiful coastline to enjoy the city lights from a different view.

Private Yacht Cruise

Unique seaside views of the city, private tour and different kinds of group activities are the ingredients for an unforgettable experience. The destinations, stops and route is of course all dependant on the customers preferences interest and tour duration.

Harbor Cruise & Three Course Dinner

Harbor cruise, 45 minutes before heading back and enjoy a three course dinner at Kopar restaurant by the pier. Great view and and the city from new perspective.
All Year 45 minutes 18:00
13.900 ISK