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The whales in our tours

In our whale watching tours we can expect to see several types of whales, even though we can never guarantee it. First to mention the biggest  one, humpback whales, can reach up to 17 meters and 40 tons. Minke whales can reach up to 10 meters and weigh up to 10 tons. Both of these whales are baleen whales. The smaller ones are white beaked dolphins. They can reach up to 3,5 meters and weigh up to 350 kilos. Harbor porpoise is the smallest one. They can reach up to 1,9 meters and weigh up to 80 kilos.

Occasionally we also spot killer whales, orcas. They usually come and go very fast. Many other whale species have been seen in Faxafloi bay. Fin whale, basking shark, pilot whale, sperm whale to mention a few. 

Our tours are like “a box of chocolate, you never know what you get”. So I think you just have to come along and see what happens….