Private Puffin Tour

In this 1,5 hour private puffin tour we visit either the islands Engey and/or Lundey, depending on the tide.  Both small island close by Reykjavik densely populated with thousands of puffins in the summer. Lundey translates as “Puffin island” inhabitated by thousands of puffins every summer.

Included in the puffin tour is extended harbour tour, including sights as: Viðey island with the monument Milestones made by Richard Serra and Imagine Peace made by Yoko Ono in memory of John Lennon.  

Also the beautiful Reykjavik coastline with the famous house Höfði, the sculpture Sun Voyager and a new view to Harpa concert hall and conference center.

The yacht is very stable which is convenient when photographing, spacious and very comfortable. On board is education material and informations about the islands, the birds and a kids corner.

Atlantic Puffin [Fratercula arctica]
The puffin is by far the commonest of Iceland’s auk species. Breeding pairs of puffins number in the millions, and their major breeding location for puffins is in the islands Engey, Lundey and in islands all around Iceland. Puffins lay their eggs in burrows which they dig in the turf of islands and cliffs, and also in cracks and fissures in screes and bird cliffs. The birds leave their burrows in early August, and have usually departed for the ocean by September.


 Late May – Late August

By request

1,5 hours


  • Private tour
  • 100% sightings
  • Use of binoculars
  • Panoramic view
  • Blankets if it´s chilly
  • Guided tour
  • Free WiFi
  • Harbour tour
  • Good stability
  • Spacious area


By request.
Send email to
or call +354 779 7779